Question: Lama, Shaikh and Had of Parker Khan Garb

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Lama, Shaikh and Had of Parker Khan Garb Away. Tell the Mujaheddin's identity

Answer: (1) Hazmat Sheikh Mubarak alias Moscow Shaped 568 Hire to Hindustan influx from 

Lankan (Iran) and martyrdom in Jamal Kanpur

(2) Hazmat Nazi Siraj-ud-din alias Dada Main, Hindustan Aldan from Japan (Iran) in 566 Hire and Initial in Jamar Kanpur (This is where you have fun)

(3) Say yid Sadruddin Kanji, in 704 Hire, was a Muslim in Kana and in the curd of ILM and Mini Kidnap, ।
(4) Hindustan arrivals from Sheikh Abdul Abbas Maharani Nagaland in 643 Hire, Mizar Mubarak is in the footsteps of Hazmat But Sahib in Delhi.

(5) Khan Maudlin Bel Ami, with the help of his spiritual power, defeated the Kabul king Bilbao by 717 Hire and spoke the word of Islam.

(6) Hazmat Say yid Muhammad Saga fought against the king of Bilbao in 614, Hire, and thrashed him, sprang up in 645 Hire and there is Mizar Adas.

(7) Malaya Hassan Sagan Lahore was relieved in 677 Hire in Lahore, he went to Baghdad in 615 Hire and went to Visual in 650 Hire and there is fun.

(8) Sultan San jar built a mosque under the supervision of Malaya Yakut Shaft Safari San jar, who came with Maharajah (Gujarat) with AIF Khan San jar, in which he was killed in 655 Hire.

(9) Hazmat Sheikh Aladdin Bavaria Multi

(10) Hazmat Bathroom Shah Ala JALMALV Keypad was married in 570 Hire in Lankan (area Iran). 566 reached Delhi under Hire's arrival, then reached Jamal Kanpur from there and won Fate by fighting with King Jazz. In 656 hire, it was diffused and there is a common reason for AAZ Base.

(11) Sufi Hamiduddin Maori Papal's Visual is situated in 673 Hire in the city of Tagore (Rajasthan).

(12) Say yid Qutb-ud-din Muhammad Hawaii Katmai 581 Hire was born in Ghazi Sultan Shamsuddin Altars's Aide Sultanate in Delhi.

(13) Hazmat Bathroom Ali Mahayana, after securing his Alba and Added Marinade Taliban, had come to the While Sandra of Hindustan. Visual Vishal Fair Base is common in Mumbai.

(14) Malaya Maudlin Lauri reached Hindustan with AAP's falcon Asia Shahabuddin Lauri. ILM and Mini Best Baha Kidnap performed.

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