Surah_Assar orders four very important things ....

Surah_Assar orders four very important things ....
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 Surah_Assar orders four very important things ....

In this Surah, All aah said that the person whose life is empty of four things is in great harm and this loss means the loss of the end, that is, they will be finally bereaved by the mercy of Allah.

1. Iran - If I do not bring faith, no matter how well it is implemented, in the end it is of no use….

2. Amble Sale h i.e. New Jamal - New Jamal are those which are ordered by Allah and the way of Raoul 4 is to persuade Allah, if one of these things is not found, then even if it is good to see. Be but not acceptable to Allah.

3. Wait of Has - To mention anything with the intention of Vasily, it means that one should be given a feast on the right, those who do not believe should be given a feast of faith and those who do not do righteousness They should be given a feast of noble implementation ...

4. Patients of Patience - To meditate on Patience, that is, in order to tolerate the difficulties and difficulties in playing the dictates of Allah and avoiding the disobedience of Allah.

Giving in to the feast of patients immediately after the feast on behalf of Hey is an indication that there is a need for great patience in the work of the feast and that a person has to listen and tolerate things against health, then the feast of Had in such a situation Those who give must be patient.

  • Started in the name of Allah, who has a very kind mercy. (F1)
  • (AL-A'SR - 103: 0)
  • __________________

  •  Swear of that vivid MacBook. (F2)
  • (AL-A'SR - 103: 1)
  • ____________________

  • ◆ Of course the man is definitely at a loss. (F3)
  • (AL-A'SR - 103: 2)
  • ___________________
  • ◆ But those who believed and did good deeds and verified each other's rights (F4) and befriended each other. (F5)
  • (AL-A'SR - 103: 3)

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