Method of death

Method of death
Method of death 

Method of death 

After thinking this, think that ah! This is going to happen to me too, I will also have a happy birthday, eyes will be on the roof, Aziz Aka rib will be there, Mother: My red! My red! The father must be saying to me: Son! Son ! Must be calling out, sisters: Brother! Brother ! The voices of the people, the lovers and the casks will be filling, then the cry of this scream will be seized in the atmosphere, someone will close my eyes, I will be covered with cloth, wash the cries of loved ones There will be chaos, then Vassal will be called, I will be tussled and put on a shroud and put on a shroud, I will leave my house in that noise From house I had all my life to live, who took pride tomorrow will today OHI walking towards the cemetery to pick up my funeral, then I my dear off the grave will soil your hands on me, ah!
Then, leaving me alone in the praises of the tomb, all of them will turn back.
No one will stay there to entertain me!
Then my body will start rotting in the grave. Worms will start eating it, those insects do not know that my straight eye will eat first or that the reverse eye, will eat my tongue first or by hot.
 How freely the insects will be crawling on my body, sneaking into the nose, ears and eyes.
In such a manner, tie the Tasavvur in turn to the condition of your death and the grave, then take into consideration the influx of Menkar Nair, his salad and Arab tomb and fear yourself of these problems.
In this way, through Fire Medina's death, INSA'Allah will create a feeling of death in the heart, creating a jealousy of doing righteousness and avoiding crimes.

Amount's Tasavvur Page No. 32

The post will continue INSFA Allah.

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