Very lovely hadith .. Please read it fully. Prophet Karim S.A.W.

Very lovely hadith .. Please read it fully. Prophet Karim S.A.W.
Very lovely hadith … Please read it fully. Prophet Karim S.A.W.

Very lovely hadith.

Please read complete ....

Prophet Karim S.A.W.

When you forget something, send me gun ... Installer will miss you ....

This is a very precious hadith, tell everyone, do not keep it in your heart.

Question ... Why are there two sentences in Naval .....?

Answer … When Allah commanded the angels.

Adorn Adam A.S ... then he prostrated

But if the Devil did not, then he was called Marduk and removed him from heaven.

Seeing this condition of the Devil, the angels paid Sajda-e-Venus

And said, thank you to Allah, you made us obey your orders and pray your prayers ...

Those two rituals are being performed in Naval till date…



1. Sahara asked Humor S.A.W. How will we know that our prayers have been accepted?

You S.A.W.

When your heart is eager to read the next prayer

So understand that your prayers are accepted

Subway Allah …

Some people do not forward such messages

So Allah ordered

If you cancel me in front of your people

I will cancel you in my eyes

When She tan Murder said that I will always mislead your brothers in the oath of your god

As long as their soul is in their body

Allah Rabbul-Izzat ordered Ir shad ...

I swear Izzy-O-Jalal

And as long as you have a niche for me, they will keep on trusting me

I will spare them ...

Subway Allah

Some endearing habits of our prophet S.A.W.

1 ... Keep your eyes low while walking

2… Salem always do first

3… Beaming Yourself Hawaii

4… Phi lite Naval Reading

5…farm prayer

6… Pure the sickness

7. When I got angry while standing, I used to lie down

8.. Mosques

9… Never sleep before OSHA

10…love not smile ever

May Allah send these messages to the person who fulfills all the wishes


When the time came for Humor S.A.W.

Hazmat Fibril asked A.S.

Did my Summat also have to endure so much death

So Fibril A.S. said. Yes

So tears were released from your eyes happy .

So Allah ordered

A. Mohammad S.A.W.

After every prayer, your chair will read the chair

So at the time of his death, he will have one foot in the world and one foot in heaven

Subway Allah

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