●Little doom scene

Little doom scene
2020 Hadees
Little doom scene

Small Doom View *

A protégé asked his master:

Master! How will it finally be calculated?

Maestro thought for a while and then got up from his place and distributed some money among the students, he gave the first boy 100 Durhams, the second 75 75 the fourth 60 60 the 50 fifth, 25 the sixth 10 and the seventh, and the boy who asked Gave him one Durham.

The boy was very inconsolable and unhappy at this fate of the master, he was feeling disheartened as to why the master had made him go to the lowest and least comfortable ... ??

Seeing everyone smiling, the master said: Holiday to all the boys, all of you go and spend these money in full, now we will meet on the weekday at the oven in the township of Nannie.

* Small scene of doom *

On weekdays, all the students reached Nannie's oven, where the master was already waiting for everyone.

After the arrival of all the boys, the master told them that each one of you will climb this oven and give me an account of where I have spent my money….

Mounting the first boy, who had received one hundred Durhams, at the shaking oven, the master asked: Tell me, how did I spend the hundred Durhams given to me .?

Troubled by the heat of the shoals emanating from the burning oven and disturbed by the heat of the hot under, the boy puts one foot and raises the other….

Recalls the money spent and says that the barf of five Durhams was taken, ten teas for breakfast, ten grapes, five Durhams of bread and so on and other expenses .............. ...

The boy's feet were burning with heat, and the rest of the body was scorched by the shoals emanating from the oven, Hat ta had felt thirsty at such a time, and Alphas started to falter. Hardly came down after accounting, after that the second boy again the third and then the rest of the boys .......

Even the turn of the boy who got a Durham came.

* Small scene of doom *

The master also told him that you to climb the oven and give your account. The boy quickly climbed into the oven, without saying a tantrum that I had bought coriander pits for a Durham house and at the same time smilingly got down and stood in front of him, while the rest of the boys still sat on their feet. But they were cooling by adding water.

USTA, while listening to all the boys, told the boy in particular, saying: Children! It was a small little book in the book of doomsday, every human being would be accounted equal to the way it was done.

Seeing the love of the boy, the boy said that I am falling in love with you and ATA at the least you gave me, the example of Tam Allah Mubarak and Tabla is very high and high.

May All aah save us from our calculation and submit a case of forgiveness and connivance with us without entering the book of accounts. Amen


(Arabic to trauma) * small scene of doom *

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