Abu Talib's Wafat

Abu Talib's Wafat

Abu Tali's Waft

Abu Tali died in the tenth year of Nabuwwat after the end of By cot, Hazmat Khalifa also died a few days later.
        After the death of Abu Tali, the Quash crossed all the limits of oppression and sitar. You took "Ta'AF" Three with the intention of tabling, there you were persecuted even your shoes and socks were filled with blood.
         During the days of Hajj, the people of the Nature Adas used to go to different tribes during the Hajj days and to convert to Islam, as a result of which six people belonging to one tribe of Medina "Khazar" in 11 Nab vi became Muslims next year. Beaten on your hand the next year 72 people gathered and on your hand they said that they will sacrifice their lives for the sake of Islam.
      When all these people reached Medina, everyone started spreading Islam very quickly, due to which the number of Muslims in Medina started increasing and Medina became a refuge for Muslims. Therefore, Hazer allowed the Muslims to go to Medina and the Muslims began to meditate.
After the permission of Hour, all the Muslims reached Medina, only those who were stopped by the Mecca Pairs or who did not have the power to go. Hour kept on disguising all Muslims and himself remained in Medina. The Quash now felt that even if Hour did not go to Medina, and he knew the outcome of this very well, so he gathered and made a plan for your murder. Here, Allah ordered Hiram to the government.
 At night, Hazer put Hazmat Ali on his bed and came out of the house, took a handful of clay and read some verses of the Quran and threw it towards the Pairs. Nobody even came to know and Hour came out from among them.

(Twelfth Moon, Safe now. 8)

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