If the serpent or the serpent takes revenge, does it take the right photo


Question: There is a question that some people say that after killing the serpent snake should burn it or burst the eye, if it is not done, then he takes the photo of the killer in his eyes from which the snake or serpent takes revenge. So what takes the right photo?

Answer: - Your question and answer is present.

It is famous among the people that "the photo of the slayer comes in the eyes of the killed snake, from that photo, the serpent recognizes the murderer, so the snake should be killed by burning its head so that there is no photo in the eye" Wrong of that

To burn the head is to kill him, he faints after eating a stick, people leave it as dead, he goes back to consciousness after some time, burning it in the fire so that it really dies. Keep in mind that until the snake turns upside down and the stomach comes up, it is still alive, so the photo is not right.

📚 Moral Managed, Book 5, Sarah 678

Question: - The animals that can hurt us like snakes, scorpions, etc., can kill them or not, is there any crime?

It is permissible to kill dogs like biting dog, chameleon, lizard, snake, scorpion, rat, bedbug, mosquito, etc.

durremmukhtar, Book 1, 517,

📚 Ba hare Sharia, Book of Book 1082

Question: - How is it to keep rabbit in the house and whether it should be eaten or not?

Answer: - First, know that it is not acceptable to eat the meat of the rabbit animal, that Hazer Sallallahu Talley Allah Amalgam has given his roasted meat to the Canal and Sahara Karma has also allowed him to eat it, so when the rabbit is eating food, then in the house It was also permissible to sell the rabbit to keep the cradle.

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