Tazia installment 3. Muharram 2020.Muslim New Year 1441

Installment 3. Mahe Muharram Mubarak

1441 New yera

Post ko Puri padhe aur Shabab ke hakdar bane

Tazia installment 3. Muharram 2019. Muslim New Year 1441

The Sharia status of Tazia Sharif, its response, and the wisdom and execution of our elderly people !!

Khwaja e Khwaj-gan Sultanul Hind Aulade Hasnain Karman Sayyidna Garib Nawaz Moinuddin Hasan Chisti Sanjari Summa Ajmeri Rahmato Rizwan's Mamun A Karam is this Arzay Villayet Hind where your influx of Eq-eq-i-Islam Islam's light Darul Kufi Muhamad E-Murati Mu Dilli Murati He was transformed by the lines of the people… and people became Zoq Dar Zouk Halka B-Goshe Islam… and the work of Tablig-e-Din took place Today's name Nihad Jamaat cannot even reach its Ashera-Asheer ... 90 million people have filed their documents on the right of your hand ... You are a lullaby Aulade Hussaino Hasan (Alaihissalam) ... of Lehza Karbala Gham Fitratan O Viraasatan got you ready ... and you used to live in Gaya Hussain in your Hayate Zaheera ... which is proof that even today the Dargah Sarkar government in Ajmer is your "Tazia-Sharif" which is made of silver. is is present...

5 When Moharram Sharif opens the shrine of Hazrat Baba Fariduddin Ganj Shakar Rahmatullah Alaih and shouts in Ajmer Sharif, we do the zayrat zarine of that Tazia Sharif of the poor Nawaz in it… Lehaza Hum Ahle-Hind O Pak Bade Fakhr It is said that the rate at which we received the training of Islam Irfan ... the rate at which Auliya e Zamana depends on its Nisbaton ... the rate at which the Khush-China Bade Ahle Ilm O Irfan, Sahiban Halo Vijdan Khasane of God ... have met the same rate a baking us Mourning of Muharram-Dari Ayhyam A Ghme Amal Hussein who Mmlu the spirit of culinary sheer slavery A Ahlebat o Mohbbte Ale!

A continuation in Bilad-e-Hind, Jali-ul-Qadr Buzurg Hazrat Makhdumina wa Syedna Khwaja Syed Abdurrazzaq Bansavi Rahmatullah Alaih of Qadaria was the same practice and astonishment that the government of Chishtin Ghraib Nawaz was the sole O! So Shahzade Gausul v Khwaja e Qadaria Hazrat Qibla Shah Syed Abdurrazzaq Bansvi Rahmatullah Alaih Farmeathe
"Nobody thinks that Tazia Sharif is just a structure made of paper foil, but rather a happy look at the Arvah Muqaddas Hazar Shohada e Kiram (Alaihamussalam)"
Hawala ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“š Karamat e Razzaqiyyah

Ulema e Firangi Mahal, all of you do not pay tribute to your barbecue Lehaza Yeh Aqida Tazia-Sharif's Mutallik Ulema e Firangi Mahal's Shaikhul Shuyukh Qutbul Aktab Hazrat Mir Syed AbdurRazzaq Sahib Qibla U Phirma Tami U Phima The palace whose ilmi azmato and khidmate dino fiqh o ulume din is a time of motarif .. He also has a lot of his own Malja o Mawa Hadi o Rahnuma.

Dehli has been the hallmark of Ahle-Islam from the beginning, where Ummah O Sufiyya Auliya o Sahibane Ilmo Danish has been the home of the Ummah Sultanate Islam ... This is a gathering of Akbarin from the need of this land, which is known to the whole world today. Naaz is… the house of Hazrat Shah Wali-Ullah Muhammedis Dehalvi Rahmatullah Alaih, who brought the Ilme Hadith to India….

Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddis Dehlavi Rahmatullah Alaih on his Fatawa (Al-Maroof Fatawa Azizaya, Jild 1 Suffah 66), confesses the Tajik-dari Mutlalik ... "This faqir's house is held on two occasions in the year at the time of Ijtema-e-Azim. One day in Rabiul Awwal Sharif and the other in Moharram Sharif, on this day of Ashura ... Mubarak Pagambare Khatim Sarvare Ambiya (Sallallaho alaihe and Allehi and Sallam) is extremely inconsolable ... More Faqir himself narrates waqayat e martyrdom… and if by chance, there is a chance to read marsiya mashruh, then along with ahle mehfil, this faqir is also fallen o Buka Lahik, then Fateha Hazrat Imaman is alaihamussalam and sabilo Anchor is a solution… Lehaza, if all this is mentioned… it would not have been true of Faqir Hurgiz if it was not justified near Fakir ”

This Aqeeda O Amal Mahez is not of an alim but of Imamul Hind Marja ul Ulma Muhaddis Jaleel Hazrat Allama Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddis Dehalvi (Alaihirrahma) whose Zamtee Sutuda Sifat to Ilre Minire of Barre Sagir still shines today!
Hazrat Maulana Salamat Ali Sahab Muhaddis (Alaihirrahma) offers ... You are the tilmizhee Rashid of Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Saheb ... in his fatwa, "Alhamdulillah Tazia-Dari is of Asare Islam and an Alam deaf from its Faizan And has many benefits. "
Hawala: ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“š Tabsiratul Iman

Hazrat Qibla e Alam Shah Niyaz Ahmad Saheb Barelvi Rahmatullah Alaih who is a powerful Alme Din Din Sufi A Safi O Wali A Kamil Wali-Gar is an era of whose old age is the blessing of O Azmat ... Shazaf from Tazia-Dari, which was the Shagaf of you O witness!

Shabe Ashura, you would take the crown of the Tajis at 2 o'clock, and after serving 5 or 7 crowns, you would go back to Khanqah Sharif, when you could not get the strength to walk in Omar, you were sitting there. " K Surthe Noorani Makhduma A Kounain Bibi Sayyda Fatimah Salamullah Alaih "Flooded ... Bintay Mustafa Ummul Hasnain (Alaihamussalam) Fired ...." I will not wake up our children's lives today ??? "

Listen to this Irshad-e-Binte Mustafa, you did not fall down O Buka Taari… Khudam was ordered… Take us… Khadimas have requested to take on Hazur Charpai…. Not only… but take it on foot… Lehaza was caught by both Janib Khuddam and you took Ziarat e Tazia-Sharif to Tasharif on foot.

In this life, there is one more incident of Hazrat, which is a life for Hazrat, if this refreshment is done with adab, ehtaram, aqidat, then there is a definite condition of Hassan-e-Pak (Alaihamussalam). ..And these Hazrats greet their loved ones!

Once an Alim A. Din from Surat who was a supporter of Hazrat Shah Niaz Ahmad Alvi Rahmatullah Alaih ... was with you ... You went to Tazia Sharif's Ziarat ... When you disengaged from Ziarat, you took that throne. Bose on which Tazia Sharif was placed ... It was in the heart of Molvi Sahab that what did Hazrat do for you ???? .... You turned to his heart and threatened him ... Look at Sharif's life ... lol Tazia fainted by looking at Sharif ... When he regained consciousness, he said ... "Molvi sahab ... What have you seen ?? ... Molvi saheb's tears were released from his eyes ... He While making his statement, he said that I have seen…. One of the people of Tazia Sharif is Shahzada A Sabz Qaba Zanab A Imame Hassan Mujtaba Alaihissalam and the other is Janib Shahzada A Surkh Qaba Imam Hussain Shaheed Karbala Alahissalam Jalagar!

Hawala ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“š Makhzanul Khazain, Karamat e Nizamia

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