Methods of prayer Namaz Faziles and not reading

      Fazils and not read

Methods of prayer Namaz Faziles and not reading
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Methods of prayer Namaz Faziles and not reading
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 In the Qur'an and Hadith, the number of prayers offered in prayer and the strict punishment for non-reading is Warid, Chunanche Parah 28 is Irshade Rabbani in verse number 9 of Suratul Munafikin,

Hey people! Neither your children, nor your children, do anything to please you with the mention of Allah, and those who do so will be in harm.

Hazrat Sayyiduna Imam Muhammad bin Ahmad Zahbi Alairah imitates, Mufassiri Kiram Rehmatullah Talaa Fermate has said that there are five prayers in the Mubarakah with reference to Allah Ta'ala, the person who buys his goods i.e., horse and goods He is among the people who suffer harm and does not offer prayers at the time.

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First of all doom

Sarkar is the reality of Medina 4, the first of the prayers will be the first to be offered in prayer. If she got well, she was successful and if it was lacking then she was upset and she took the loss

(Kanjul Ammal, G.7 S.115 Hadish: 18883)

Nur for prayer

Sarkar is the ruler of two alam-,shad, for the person who protects the namaz, the prayer will be noor, plea and najat on the Day of Judgment, and for those who do not protect it, there will be no daily noor nor plea nor najat. And that person will be with Pharaoh, Qarun, Haman, and Ubay bin Khalaf on the day of Judgment.

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Whom will it be with whom,

Hajrate Muhammad bin Ahmad Zahbi alairah imitates, the hawk ulamye kiram rahmatullah alaih form, the namaz's Tariq will be picked up with these 4 (Firoun, Qarun, Haman and Ubayy bin Khalf) so that the people Ummun Daulat, Hukumat, Wazarat and Because of the tijarat, they offer prayers.

The one who will not offer namaz on account of the rule of the rule will have his help with Firoun. Whoever argues the twenty-two namaz of wealth will have its law with the law. If the reason for the prayer is worshiped, then the Pharaoh's wazir will be with Haman. If he will leave the namaz due to the popularity of the business, then he will be raised with the honor of a very large infidel of Muqarram, Tajir Ubay bin Khalf.

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Shadid In Wounded Condition Namaz *

, When Hajar Umar Faruqay Azam  was attacked for the murder, he was sent, O Amirul Mu'aminin! It is a time for prayer.

Fermaya, yes, listen! The person who visits Namaz has no share in Islam. And you prayed the prayer after being killed.

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Noor or Tariqi on the prayers

Hazrat ubada bin samit It is customary that the order of Huzur เค†เคฒ is to be a plush, who will pray well, then stand for the namaz, to fulfill its stance, existence and character, then the prayer says, Allah taala teri Protect the way you protected me. Then that namaz is taken towards the sky and there is shine and noor for it.

The doors of Asam are opened for her, Hatta is offered to her in the Bargah of Allah Ta'ala and that prayer is the blessing of that Namazi, and if she does not stop this, the existence and the character, then the prayer says, Allah Leave you, just like you did me. Then the prayer is taken towards the sky in such a way that it is praised and the doors of the sky are closed on it, then it is wrapped like an old cloth and hit on the mouth of that prayer.

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One cause of bad luck *

๐ŸŒด Hazrat Imam Bukhari Alairah Fermate, Hazrat Huzaifa bin Yaman saw a person who did not stop and prayed while praying.

So he said to him: If you pray the prayer which you pray in this condition, then your death will not be in the way of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa.

(Sahih Bukhari, G.12.1) *

It is also in the ritual of listening to Nasai that you asked how long have you been praying like this? He said, for 40 years, Phrammaya: You have not read Namaz at all for 40 years and if you die in this condition, you will not die on Muhammad.


.Post No 7.]

Namaz Chor

The custom of Hazrat Abu Qatada is that the government is making the orders of Madina:: The bad-tempered thief in the people is the one who steals in his prayers.

Earned: or Rasulullah Who is the thief in prayer? Fermaya: He who does not complete the prayers and prostrate prayers.

(Masnad Imam Ahmad Hambal, G.8 c. 386 Hadith: 22705) *

Two types of thieves

Hazrat Mufti Ahmad Yar Kha Alairahma says under this heart: The thief of prayer is worse than the thief of the goods, because if the thief of the goods is punished, he also takes some profit, but the thief of the prayer punishes the whole There will be no chance of profit for this.

The thief of goods kills the right of detention, while the thief of namaz is the right of Allah, this condition is for those who study namaz to be naqis, so that those who do not read namaz from scratch should achieve it.

Post No 8.]

๐Ÿ’ง Ba Wuzu Kibla Rs. Stand in such a way that both powders have a gap of 4 fingers in the paw and bring both hands to the ears so that the thumb is touched by the ear flame and the fingers are not mixed enough open but on their condition (normal ) And the palace should be towards the kibble, the place of prostration.

Now you have to pray Namaz, that is his intention, that is his sure intention in the heart, as well as tell from the tongue that it is better.

Till now Tehreema i.e. "Allahu Akbar", bring down the hands and under the naf, in such a way, the pad of the straight palm is on the reverse of the palm and the middle 3 fingers of the middle finger are on the back of the wrist and next to the thumb and small finger. .

Post No 9.]

Now read Sanaa, then read Ta'awwuz: "Aujubillahi Minshaitani Razim"

(I come in the shelter of Allaah from Shaitan Mardud)

Read tasmia again

"Beesamillahi-rrahma nirrahim"

(Started in the name of Allah, which is very kind)

Then read sura fatiha

After finishing the sura fatiha, say Amen to Aista.

Then read 3 imports or one large rectangle which is equal to 3 small rectangles or some Surat like Suray Ikhlas.

Now go to Rukuu saying "Allahu Akbar".

Post No 10.]

man :,,"

Hold the knees in the hand in such a way that the palms are well spread on the knees and fingers.

The back is laid and the head is in line with the back, it is not low, and the eyes should be on foot.

* 4 more

Bend a little in Rukua, that is, do not emphasize so much that you put your hands on the knees and do not hold the knees and keep the fingers mixed and pow bending, do not keep them straight like men.

At least 3 times, say Ruku's Tasbeeh i.e. "Subhan-Rabbial-Azeem" (ie Pak O Mein Azmat Wali Parwar Dagar). Then stand upright by saying Tasmiya i.e. "Same-Allahu-Liman-Hameedah" (ie Allah listened to him who praised him),

This standing is called comma. If you are offering Namaz alone, then say "Rabbana-wa-Lakal-Hamd" or "Allahum-Rabbana-wa-Lakal-Hamd" (ie O Allah! All Khubia is for you)

Then go to prostrate saying Allahu Akbar.

Post No 11.]

While going in prostration, first keep the knee on the ground and then keep the head in the middle of both hands in such a way that first the nose is then the muscular and take special care that the tip of the nose is not the bone but the muscle becomes frozen on the ground, keep an eye on the nose :,,

Separate the arms from the crevices, the stomach from the rano, and the runs from the calves. (If you are in the safe, keep the arms with the curvilinear) The ten fingers of both pows ​​should stand towards the kibble in such a way that the belly of the two fingers stays on the ground.

The palms are lying and the fingers are moving, but do not keep the wrists attached to the ground.

Woman: ⬇⬇⬇⬇

Do the prostration, that is, with arm crevices, stomach with rano and runes with pindalis and pindalis with ground. And remove both powe directly.

Now read "Subhan Rabial Aala" at least 3 times.

Then get up in such a way that the first muscle then nose then hands rise.

Post No 12.]

Wake up in such a way that first the muscles then nose and then the hands rise.

* ๐ŸŒด man: ๐ŸŒด *

Then take a straight step and turn his fingers to Kibla and spread his feet upside down and sit on it, and place his palms on the rano and place it near the knees so that the fingers of both hands are close to the knees and the ends of the fingers.


Remove both the pow directly and sit on the reverse surin and keep the straight hand in the middle of the straight rant and the opposite hand in the reverse rant.

Jalsa is called sitting between the two prostrations.

Then be sure to say Subhan Allah at least once.

It is mustahab to read "Allahumag-Firli" (ie A Allah Meri Magafirat Farma)

Then say Allahu Akbar and do second prostration like first prostration.

Post No 13.]

Standing up secondly, raise the head first, then put your hands on the knees and stand on the side of the knee. Do not force your hands on the ground while you are getting up.

This is a story of yours.

Now in the second verse, read "Bismillah", read Al-Hamd and Surah and stop and prostrate as before,

☘ men:

After lifting the head with the other prostitutes, stand upright and sit upside down.

,, woman:

After lifting the head with the second prostration, remove both the pow directly and sit on the vomit surin and place the hand directly in the middle of the rant and the opposite hand between the vomit rant.

Sitting after the second prostration of two rak'ats is called Kadah, now read Tashahhud (Attahiyyat) in Kadah.

Post No 14.]

In Tadahhud in the Qadah, when you reach near the lash of "Ashhadu Analla-Ilah", make a finger and thumb light on the middle of the right hand and mix the chungaliya (little finger) and the binsar, that is, the equal finger with the palm and the finger of the clan Pick it up

๐Ÿ But do not move it around and drop the finger on the "Ila" and immediately straighten all the fingers.

, Now if you have to read more than two records, then stand up saying "Allahu Akbar".

. If Farz is offering Namaz then read "Bismillah and Alhamdu Sharif" in Qayam in the third and fourth rak'at, there is no need to merge Surat.

Post No 15.]

Then complete 4 records; Finally, after Tashahhud, read Durude Ibrahim, then read Duaa Masura

Then to finish the prayer, first turn to the right shoulder and say "Assalamu alaq varahmatullah" and likewise on the left.

Now the prayer is over.

In this manner of prayer offered by Islamic brothers and sisters, there is an excuse that there will be no prayer without it,

Deliberately abandoning it, making it a crime and repentance and a re-reading of the Namaz, and being saved from forgetting it, Sahav is justified

And the hawk is Sunnate Muqqada, to make a habit of quitting is a crime and

The hawk is a must have, which to do and not to do is not a crime.

Bahrain Shariat, only .3 C.66 *

(Ahmad of Namaz, Safa: 154,155) *

Post will continue Insha Allah. ,,,,, ....

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