Islamic Freight. #Hadees2020

Islamic Freight #Hadees2020
Islamic Freight. #Hadees2020

Question: - Our Nabi (Sallallahu ta'ala alaihi wasallam) ordered to whom to offer prayers in his strong Alalat (strong disease)?

Answer: To Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (Raziallahu Ta'ala Anhu).

Question: - On what day did our prophet (Sallallahu ta'ala alaihi wasallam) perform the last namaz in the mosque?

Answer: - Chahar Shamba. (On mercury day)

 Question: - By what name is the last battle between two Aus clan "Aus" and Khajraj, famous in Tithi-e-Arab?

Answer: - Jung-e-Buas.

 Question: - On the day of Fateh Mecca, to whom did Hujur leave the Khan-e-Kaaba and give the key to the Kaaba?

Answer: To Usman bin Talha (Raziallahu Ta'ala Anhu).

Question: - Name the sister and sister-in-law of Hazrat Umar?

Answer: - sister's name Fatima - sister's name Saad bin Zaid.

 Question: - When was the first Shak-e-Sadar sentence introduced?

Answer: - As a child, when you were here with Hazrat Halima.

Question: - Name the wrestler of Arab who was able to wrestle with Huzoor (Sallallahu ta'ala alaihi wasallam) in the proof of Nubuwwat?

Answer: - Hazrat Rukana (Raziallahu ta'ala anhu).

 Question: - Shab-e-Meraj, which prophet met you on the seventh sky?

Answer: - Hazrat Ibrahim from Alaihissalam.

{Islamic Malumat-e-Amma, page no. 9,10}

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