How much truth in our slogans Khwaja is the poor Nawaz: he who argues Namaz will incur great shame.

How much truth in our slogans Khwaja is the poor Nawaz: he who argues Namaz will incur great shame.
Muharram 2020 
Khwaja is the poor Nawaz: he who argues Namaz will incur great shame.

Hazrat Sultan Bahu Fermate: Benamazi is worse than Suvvar.

How much truth in our slogans


If our slogans were true, the mosque would not look empty, dancing would not be seen in weddings, our mother would not be able to flow without curtains in curtain markets, songs and filthy films could not be seen in our homes, our women were wearing ointment Like this she would not show herself.

Had our slogans been true, the mosques would have been inhabited today, instead of singing songs in our homes, the Quran would have been heard, Shadiya would have been according to the Sunnah, our women would have been curtained.

But said we and said Gaushe Pak Said we and said poor Nawaz  What is his relationship with us? This saying is true for those who fail to understand the words except the implementation… this mouth and lentils

Those who carry the flag of a party in the world are called supporters of the party. If he riots, tortures people, abuses people, then people blame the party on this. Of course the principles of the party are not bad, but if the party's supporter is bad then people call the party bad.

In the same way, carrying the flag of Daru Peon, they will not leave the hand of Gausha! The badders carry the flag that they will not leave Khawaja! The thieves carried the flag that they would not leave Husain Launphange carried the flag that he would not give up the trouble! So now those who do not know who is the troublemaker? Who is Gaushe Azam? So those who see this will understand that the path of the party which carries the flag will be like their supporter!

And those who know these old days but do not keep a record with them, then those people will make fun of them by seeing the flag in the hands of such bad staff! For this reason, those who raise slogans should not spoil the names of elders with their bad staff. One should not declare your hustle merely by winning slogans. Rather, from the head to the end, the color of those elders should be colored.

Don't you know When a father's son is unfaithful in the world, he is of no use to the father. The father is angry with him and says that if you have to do such a thing, then do not tell me your father, I am not ready to consider you as my son, you have cut my nose in my prayers, now we have to think 100 times when we get out of the house, Nobody can say anything right now.

While the father's Akhlaq is good, only the son is rejected. However, the son's concern and relationship is with the father, but the father has to listen to all this, after all, he breaks the relationship with the son.

When a father is not ready to call his son a son because of his son's evil intelligence, will Gaushe Pak like to put his favor towards Benamazi? Would poor Nawaz like to keep drunken jugari in his stead? Elderly and Vali, how can you convince yourself of Satan?

No matter how many slogans we invoke with our tongue, nothing will be gained. The successful will be called only when these elders make us their slaves, and these Azim gifts will be achieved only when we start following their relationship.

Those who shout the slogans of "Gausha will not give up the clan" Is dismissed from the realm.

Khwaja is the poor Nawaz: he who argues Namaz will incur great shame.

Hazrat Sultan Bahu Fermate: Benamazi is worse than Suvvar.

When these elders have to say this for the sake of profiteering, what will be the order for those who do bad things along with prayer?

Then the right said to Benamazi that he would not give up Gauss! Said to Jugrio that he realizes that he will not leave Khawaja! Badkho said that Haqah knows that the martyrs will not give up on Azam!

Ahh! Where are you talking about leaving You have crushed Damno under your feet! Those who did not offer prayers, gave up the practice of offering prayers to elders.

The idea of ​​catching the daemon is to follow his tricks, he was a Namazi, we also have to become Namazis, he was going to follow the Sunnahs, we also have to become Sunnahs. If he was away from haraam and illegitimate deeds, then we should also stay away from these deeds, whose name is to hold on to old men.

When you have left the daemon by following the path of these elders, then it is not understood that they will not leave their ramming, why are you rushing!

Those who do not offer prayers, are advocating the devil, who do not follow the Sunnah, the songs, the movies are playing the drama, the advocates of the devil, all the work against the Shariah of Al Gharz Islam is all the work of the devil. They are holding on to the devil.

So, when lobbying, hold on to the devil and declare to hold on to the elders with the tongue! Does it not look like the darkness of the ship?

With whom we keep love, we also get the same love from them. Love makes Muhib blind and deaf. He does not see the benefit or damage in the implementation of Mehboob, only he sees that my Mehboob likes this work? So now the reason for love is that we should like what Mehboob likes.

Majnu was in love with Laila, so he used to love Laila's street dog too! He was not looking at the dog but Laila's street. So when a lover of the world likes his dog in the street of Mashukke, A. Muslims, we claim love to Allah’s Mehboob Muhammad Mustafa, so why be ashamed to follow their Sunnah? Our lover likes to shave on his face, so now we will not see whether we will like it or not. Are you seeing your benefit in their implementation even by making claims of love? Ahh! Don't you know that the person who sees the benefit in the way of love is called Parantha?

Now you decide for yourself that your love is not true? This means that it is of peace. You adopt the work that you like and you leave the work which is not according to your wish! So it shows that you are a lover of nafs and not of a prophet. Why do you shout slogans when you do the work of the devil, you will not give up the prophet

Those who claim love You are not aware of the secret of love, because your Nafs is still alive and he is expressing his wish and you are missing him as a slave. You killed your nafs before taking the step of love! Apart from making the ear and eyes blind to others, only then you will like the ways of your lover and your ear will be liked by Mehboob.

Don't you know? We also claim love and used to do it too. Still there is a difference between the two. We see the benefit in implementation and they used to see Mehboob in practice. Because he was aware of the secret of love and we are not aware. They used to kill Nafs while we claim to keep the Nafs fresh. This is why there is a difference in the implementation of both.

Hazrat Rabia Basariyah says If your mouth were true, you would have advocated the command of Mahboob.

Of course Aashiq advocates Mashuk's order. Hazrat Khwaja Garib Nawaz The true love was Rasool. You used to follow the Sunnah all the time. Once you did the wuzu, then you forgot the Sunnah to play in the lamp, after a short time you remembered it, you regretted it a lot. You wept in the sorrow of missing this Sunnah. Your Khalifa Bakhtiar Kaki what is the matter of the law, why are you crying so much? You forgot to do woozoo in circumcising me for Khilal, when I remember that, my eyes start tearing! I am worried that Naye Karim, the Day of Judgment, will ask me that A. Moinuddin! Why did I leave my Sunnah? So what will I answer, how will I show this figure to Akha?

This is called true love! That Mehboob's choice was missed only once by mistake, yet you regret it so much! And we are far from advocating the Sunnah, deliberately leaving the Farais! However, once Khwaja Saheb asked, can a Muslim take a prayer? This means that Khwaja Saheb does not agree to accept that Muslims should pray in prayer

Sahaba used to shout slogans of Mahabbate Rasool with his tongue, that is what his heart used to accept. For this reason, his love was seen through implementation. And we keep the love till the tongue, do not let it reach the heart. Otherwise, our love would not have been implemented. Today, we sit under the fan in the house and we are also praying with prayers and Sahaba used to offer prayers in the battlefield on the sand, even in the shade of swords. And today we have forgotten Farazo to earn 2 paise more in job business.

Why? Because we did not make Dilma Mohabbat strong and did not feast the Nafs to death.

Gaushe pak  offered prayers for 40 years of Isha's wazoo, that is, you did not sleep at night for 40 years and prayed to Allah. Why do the lovers of Gaushe Pak get to sleep comfortably during the Fajar?

Khwaja Garib Nawaz So when you fainted in Vajda, Bakhtiar used to call you Salat Salat and bring you to your senses. When you come to your senses, you are not sorry for any prayer.

Innumerable lawyers who follow the Sharia of Sahaba and elders will be heard. Because they used to have true love with Allah and His Messenger. For this reason, they used to follow their orders.

And what is our condition, Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan formulate:

Rizke Khuda Khaya Kiya Farne Haq Ha ..

Shukre Karam is a punished person, not even that ...

That is, we do not obey the orders of Allah, nor do we thank his righteousness, nor do we fear punishment for disobedience>

post Jari Rahegi Inshallah

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