How is hee calling the woman after calling her husband's name?

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How is hee calling the woman after calling her husband's name?

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* Question: - * How to call a woman with the name of her husband?

* Answer: - * It is permissible to call a woman with the name of her husband, but it is unbelievable, to call a man with the name of his wife or to call a woman with the name of her husband is unbelievable, rather call it with love so that love between the two Be more

Question: * Which bangles are right for women to wear, and which bangles are illegal to wear, I have to tell someone with Hazrat Quote?

* Answer: - * Fatawa Fiqh is in peace that it is better to wear glass, glass and plastic bangles and praying Namaz, that is, Fatava is in Razvia, Ala Hazrat was asked that women should wear glass bangles Whether it is justified or not, you have given the answer, it is justified, but it is better than the intention of the singer for the husband, and if the husband or mother dictates, then be reasonable, gold, silver and glass ie glass and pylastic. Z, and iron copper tin etc. illegitimate He forbidden for women, Rddul the Mukhtar.

* Fatawa Fiqh Miltat Bild 1 Safah 177 *

* Fatawa Razvia Bind, 9 Safah 235 *

* Raddul Mukhtar Bind 5 Saf 253 *

Question: - * Aslamu Alaikum, it is said that Ulama e Karam is that Zaid goes to the temple and sings hymns, Sud takes interest openly, drinks liquor openly, laughter plays openly, please answer about it in light of Qur'an Hadith. The

Answer: - * Walaikum Assalam, Zaid if he really does it as mentioned in the question, Zaid is rejected from Islam, that is, Kafir, Touba is that Tazidide Iman he is Tazidide Nikah Lazim, Mufti Sharif Haq Amjid Fatawa Sharah in Bukhari In response to a similar question, the person who participates in the songs and hymns of worship of Hindus is not a Muslim, he has left Islam and his wife has left his marriage. She went.

Fatawa Sharah Bukhari, bookbinding, 2 Safah 617

 sawal jawab [2]

Question: * There is an Imam Saheb in our village, till the time we live here, we teach Namaz for five times but when we go to our home, we do not offer Namaz at any time, neither at home nor to the Masjid, now the prayer behind such Imam How is reading

* ♼☞ Answer: - * If Zaid is really like this, as mentioned in the question, if Zaid is implemented then in reality he is not an alim, but a goth and when he does not go to offer prayers in the mosque. So if you are addicted to Jamaat, you are fascist and do not offer Namaz in your home, then Shadid Tarin is fascinated, it is not valid to read Namaz after him, however, such a person is not Nayebe Rasool and Waris Ambiya Hargiz. Awareness will Naiebe Messenger and Warise Ambia he will not hold practice.

Fatawa Fiqh Millat, Bild 1 Safah 132, 133 *

 Question: -  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Sir, if his wife is in Saudi Arabia, and his husband will be in the village now if he divorces on the phone?

 Answer: - * Divorce also happens by divorce through mobile phone, letter, e-mail, while Shauhar himself says that I have divorced.

Fatawa Raza Darul Yatama, Safah 245/251 *

Mobile phone required Masala Safah, 130,

 Question: - * Qari sahib, I have to ask you a question whether the blanket of Kiya Hazur Sallallahu Talaa Alaihi Wasallam is proved or not?

Answer: * * Hadith is proved by Sharif.

Malfoozat, Imam Ahmad Raza, Safah 215 *

Question: - * The woman is from Hamal and her husband has divorced her. Now some people here say that we are not considered divorced and some people say that it will happen, now you tell me whether you will get divorced or not. Will it be better?

Answer: * Divorce will not be granted in a hurting case, but if someone gives it, then divorce will be done.

Ahkamay Shariat Part, 2 Safah 166.

Question: - * Aslamu Alaikum, Hazrat I have a question, how is it to apply black henna on the hair?

Answer: * To apply black henna to the hair is illegal for both the woman and the crime is wrong.

Muslim Sharif Binding, 2 Saf 199

Fatawa Razvia Bind, 9 Safah 32

sawal jawab [3]

Question: * Khilafate Rashida is called whose Khilafat?

Answer: - * Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq Raziallahu Tala Anhu, Hazrat Umar Farooq Raziallahu Tala Anhu After that, the king started, but the Emperor Mu'awiya Raziallahu T'ala Anhu, and the Mujaddid Haj of the first century Hijri Rte Omar bin Abdul Aziz Rjillahu Allaah Anhu, he finally Hhjhrte Imam Mehdi Rjillahu Allaah Anhu the caliphate era include Kilafte Rashida

Almalfuz portion, 3 Safah 65 *

Question 6: * Should the Azan of the place be outside the mosque or inside?

 Answer: - * Hazur Sallallahu ta'ala alaihi wasallam and all the openings in the era of Rashidin, at the door of the mosque, yes Imam should be confronted, but if it is not faced, that is, it is not necessary to be in front of the Imam, but It is better to be outside the mosque

Ahkameen Shariat Part 2, Safah 207 *

 Question: - * We have an Imam Sahab here, his house is next to the Masjid, Imam Sahab only teaches the Jumna prayers, apart from the Jumans, the prayers of Imam Saheb, the hafizada who is Hafiz, teaches, Imam Saheb Jumman. Apart from not praying to the prayers of the prayers, many times it has been seen that there is freedom in the mosque and Imam Saheb does not come to the mosque despite being present in the house, sometimes in the house Town are sitting Sigret P and not the mosque and black Kijhab dye Lgwate now pray Juman behind Imam Sahib or Though what prayers to read?

* Answer: - * It is good to read Namaz with Jama'at and it is better to leave without the Ujra Shara'i Jama'at. Likewise, it is wrong to have a black Khizab, and it is Fisak to do this crime with wrangling, and every book of Fiqh has that The Imamat of Fasik is Makrohe Tehreemi, if people made Fasik as Imam with their will, then they will also be guilty, so make such a man Imam and behind it Jumam or Dagar Namaz Reading is not justified, if yes Aelanian take repent and secondly that crime would not make to the Imam and his can back read Namajh is no sin.

Fatawa Bhakhi Sharif Book 1, 170 *

sawal jawab [4] ..

Question: * Falcon people read 4 Rakat of Farz in Isha, 2 Sunnah Muqaida, and, 3 Vritras, why?

Answer: - * Namaz should be read completely, but Sunnate non muqqida is misfit, and does not hold Nafl, that is, there is no sin if you do nothing else.

Question: - * If the woman is in a dying haze, how should she be treated with him, and Kauhar stays away from his wife for a few months or a few years, then Nikah breaks down, answer both of them.

Answer: * In the haze, there is only harm in relation to the woman, keep the rest of the time in the same way, even if there is no fear of shahvat, then there is no harm in sleeping with a wife in the haze of haha, yes there is a danger of burning sensation so sleep separately But she does not even become untouchable, even if the Fatiha wants to cook, she can make absolutely no harm, and if the marriage is broken for six months, then she did it for six months. Issues as Mian wife to each other all their lives again after marriage are not met will still be in the marriage of same.

Bahrain Shariat Part 2 Safah 79 

Fatawa Mustafaviya Bild 3 Safah 13 

Questions: - * How to use Tisue paper, to wipe hands after eating?

Answer: - * is forbidden.

Fatawa Afzalul Madaris Safah 155 *

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