Tajiaye sharif tajia sharif banana should not

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Tajia sharif tajia sharif banana should not

Tajiaye sharif tajia sharif banana should not

✔ The Sharia status of Tazia Sharif, its response, and the wisdom and execution of our elderly people !!

If someone dies in your house, wash the bath and put on a shroud and put it on the ground and all of them stood up with their hands tied… So if anyone thinks that a Muslim dies and dies, all the people in his worship lessons (MazAllah) ... so, because of such thoughts, you will leave the prayer prayer ???? .. People do not know what to think ?? This British Jews formula will ruin you, Dino will not keep the world from anywhere !!!

It is also a matter of fact that Ushaq-e-Husaini has made fake curblets where the Tajis are buried or they have to fall in the water… all this is bad… it has nothing to do with the day…!. .. its immediate answer is that yes it has nothing to do with Yazidi Deen… but it is closely related to Deen e Mohammadi…

What do you do when the Quran e-Pak becomes Boseida? ... What do you do if the books are in a bad state? .. do you burn in the stove ... Yazidi must have lit it because Yazid did Gilaf e Kaaba Sharif Was burnt! ... But we are Hussein, we consider the Qur'an as "Shaerillah" ... Our Peshwa has trained us when the Qur'an is a Pak Boseida, then bury it or cool it in water K auraq e qur'an Because of the lack of quality, these paper safetis are unhappy with Allah’s Pakiza Kalam! Lehaza be buried in it or cooled in water… This Islam has trained us!

Then what should be done of Az Ayyyam Tazia Sharif ??? .... There are two ways in this, either it is a Mahfooz house..Misla Imambara..or Masjid or Khanqah or Madrasa ... where it can be kept in the same way. Where it has to be shaved… or else it should be buried or cooled in water so that its waste does not go away!

It is to be kept in the house that… when mosques and madrasas are kept in the mosques and madrasas after these arguments for the protection and banners of the prophet to work next year… then the goods of the prophet Tashahir (Tazia Sharif), why can't it be kept ???

Moments worry about Muslims… Dinas jalas and Meilad Sharif are not held in which city… In which the chandelis are made of sheets, takht vagaira either from home or are bought from the market at rent… and these rental goods are Dini Mehfil and Jalas are also used in other places ... in missal weddings, in the dance party in the theater, in the circus, and in the lights, these lights are these decorations. They are used… no need to tell..and even after this meenafil, where are these things to be seen… they are all illuminated… but at the moment all these things… Muazzaz alqabs like Rasool, Bazme Rasul and Mimbre Rasool are given ... and it is bestowed ... This is what Khatib says, this is Bazme Rasool, while refusing, Ulma says this is Mimbar e Rasool ... More No one would mind .. No non-Islamic clothing If you do not sit on it, then Molavi saheb Jalalo comes in awe of ghazab and removes it, it is a Mumbre Rasool, it is a baju rasool..It is against the politeness ... Use of goods for Chand Ghanto in the raffle If this happened, then its values ​​have changed, they have changed, .. maybe all these things will be uprooted from here or after going to a bhajan kirtan program, work in a dance song program. Come ..! But if Bazme got away from Zikre Rasool (Alaihissalato Vassalam), then no one can be disrespectful in this festival .. This time is in the shape of Nisbet .. The houses and grounds and the things in it are being updated. .And everyone is buzzing ...!

I question .. you are so close and lehaz of the moment… so Tazia Sharif is already built in her name… nothing of rent is used in this..Never before it is in such a place Ajja is not used nor is there any sign of it later! So this Hussainin Tazia's proper status is valid! And its bestness is good faith, and it will play the same fate, whose heart will be better than Kshiyate Ilahi!

There are two sections of Ahle Iman: Awam and Kwas ... Both sections have been crowned by the famous time and both sections have been doing it Ehtemamo Intezaam and Ikramo Ehtiram.

The existence of Tazia Sharif is not new. It is as old as Meilad is the presence of Mahfilo Majlis of the prophet who was in Arbo Ajam with Qayim O Tiam and still is.

Khususan Barre Sagir had risen in Pak o Hind along with the influx of Islam and Islam.

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