Woman's Luffy Ma'na,


Woman's Luffy Ma'na, 

  (4) Woman's man for man
Fei Zamana has three features: -
1: - Watching the man in his arms!
2: - Man to look towards his Highness!
3: - Watching the man's unborn woman!
  Man to see his body
Suwal: - Is there any part of the body towards which Miya: wife cannot look?
Answer: - No, no such body part. Sadrushsariyah, Badruttariqah Hazrat Allama Maulana Mufti Muhammad Amjad, Ali A'azmi  form: - (Shhur Apne) from the heel of the woman to the top of every light, can see both white and beautiful
In the same way, both these types of women (or 'wife' and 'bandi', but now there is no time of bandi) can see every energy of that man.
 Yes, it is better that neither of them should look towards Maksus because it would cause Nisyan (or 'Hafiza is weak') and also what would be born (or ' The eye also weakens).
Man to see his Majesty
Suwal: - A man can look towards his beloved mother-sister, which sister's sister?
Answer: - One can see the Baaz's parts of the body of the Maharim and cannot see the Baaz.
Saying this, Sadrushsariyah, Badruttariqah Hazrat Allama Maulana Mufti Muhammad Amjad Ali A'azmi   form: - The head, chest, body, arm, wrist, neck of the woman who is in her majesty Can look when neither of the two have visions of the honeymoon.
It is not permissible to look at the stomach, back and rant of the Maharim.
Likewise, it is not permissible to look at the side and knees.
(This is the time when there is no cloth on these parts of the body and if it is hidden by all the thick clothes, then there is no harm in looking at it) ears and neck and shane (or shoulders) and face It is permissible to look towards
Murad from Mahim are women from whom marriage is forever.
Hurmat is from Nassab or Sabbat m-Salan Razaat (relation of milk) or Musa-harat.
If the zimana is made to wilt, like muzzia's usul and furua (or 'mother of a woman who has lived, her mother, granny, paranani .... up to and daughters, natives, but natives ... to the bottom ) Towards them (for the word) is the same thing.
Question about the curtain. Answer: -01.

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