Where is the population

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Where is the population..

It is believed that in the evening, when a horse passenger entered a plaintiff, seeing that the evening was getting darker, he thought that by admiring the night, one should find a safe place.
Chunanche, when he saw a boy in the plaintiff, he asked the boy where the population is?
The boy earned: - If you look at climbing on that hill, then on the other hand you will see the population.

When that person climbed the hill and looked at the other side, instead of the population, he saw a graveyard in which there were destructions of destruction and desolation on every side.
He began to say in his heart: - This boy is definitely a fool who annoys the unknown travelers who are coming or have an intellectual wisdom and there is no reason to point towards his graveyard.
After thinking this, he came back to know the reality and asked the boy: - I had asked about the population but why did you show me the way to the cemetery?
So the boy said Basad Ehtiram: - sir! I have seen the people of this side of the valley going towards that side, but I have never seen those people coming towards this side, so I think the population is there and not here.
Yes! If you ask me where I and my animal can be found, I will not send you here and there.

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