Tasavvur of death

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Tasavvur of death, 

What will become of us ..
Drinkers, crookers, yoke players, badders, baddiggers, listeners of songs, movie-watchers, those who hide their sins, molesters, parents Those who sell the goods fraudulently, the ones who are not allowed to go on fasting of Shari Ramadan, the liars, the bribe takers, the people stealing the mobile phones, the robberies, the Pakistani women It is important for those who accuse others, those who make bad gestures, those who play with the honor of Muslims, and those who have become a part of the freedom of the Muslims, if the displeasure of Allah  and the love of his beloved Habib is in the light of the Sunnah. Allah  and Rasul were displeased, faith was ruined somewhere due to the crimes committed and what would happen to us if death occurred in this condition? .
 If the fire of Jahannam was kindled in our grave, if it was released on our tongue "

"regret ! I do not know if our tomb started pressing on both sides, what would we do if our ribs broke and got scattered in each other? Where will the snake scorpion come in our grave? What will happen to us if we are caught in the chains of fire? What will happen to us if our shroud is replaced by a shroud of fire? Where will we go then? Whom would you call? Who has offended Allah and his beloved Habeeb  who will save him from the seals of the tomb?
The chain of A'maal was also clear that the tomb was not a place of A'Mal, the life that was received for the implementation was overlooked by Gaflat, sorry! We ruined our world of our lives in misery and misdeeds and misdeeds.
Allah  has mercy on all of us.
Allah  makes us all out of the habit of crimes.
May Allah  make us all namazis.
May Allah  make us all be saved from sins.
May Allah  ease the strictness of the eyes upon all of us.
May Allah  protect all of us.
May Allah  give us Tauqiq.
May Allah  make our tomb a garden of paradise.
May Allah  showers of mercy to all.
Allah  do not give us even a moment in the life of Kufr.
Allah  gave us afflictions, afflictions and afflictions.
 We still have time, our breath is yet to come, before the angel of death arrives, give our relationship to Hyatt, and immediately make a profession out of all your sins.
Our slaves used to be very fearful of grave graves, beasts, loners and the blind, and we are one who has forgotten his grave for ever, we do not think that one day our people will be able to see even the burial Will rise, surely these people keep the glory of silent mublig for us.
What has someone done since the time he has been speaking since recently: -
Janaza is further saying Aye Jahan Valo. !!

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