False Fahmien and their Islam 19 - PDF

 False Fahmien and their Islam 19 - PDF
Hadees 2020

Question: - If you come on blood splattered clothing while washing meat, can you offer namaz in those clothes or not?

Answer: - While washing the meat, the blood that splashes, the clothes are not polluted by them; they can offer namaz to them - because it is not flowing blood.

Mart of the Masses Part 2 Safah 12

Question: - If the urine of children drinking milk is cooked - If a small child urinates on clothes, then he can offer namaz on the same cloth?

Answer: - Just as the urine of the elders is polluted, similarly the urine of the child drinking milk is polluted- If the child urinates on the clothes, then prayers cannot be performed in the same clothes, it is necessary to cook clothes The method of baking the cloth is that it should be washed three times, and every wash should be squeezed with such vigor while washing that not a single piece of water remains out of it.

False Fahmis and their Islam

 Question: - From which wuzu you have prayed prayer, can you pray the prayer from the same wuzu or not?
 Answer: - You can read at all- In some places people understand that the other prayer can not be read from the wuzu with which the prayer is done, although it is wrong and foolish! It is right that it is right to pray with this wazoo or to recite Sunnah and Nafl every namaz.

False Fahmien and their Islam 19 - PDF

 Question: - Is it necessary to gussle after giving gussle to the mayyat, give it respect?

Answer: - Gusl is good but not necessary after giving Mayat to Gusl - that the person who has given Gusl to Gusl himself later, it is wrong to take care of it.

False Fahmien and their Islam Safah, 19- PDF

 Question: - Do you or someone else suffocate or open the door or see wuzu breaks?
 Answer: - In the people who are famous that kneeling and sattar is broken by looking at one or the other, it is wrong and it is a stupid thing, knee or rant etc.
 Wuzu does not break due to opening of the room, yes it is forbidden to be open without the need and opening the room in front of others is forbidden.
Om Shariya Part 2

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