bakherane ka tareeka

  bakherane ka tareeka                     
 hadees 2020

 Bismillah Hirahama Niraheim Spill method Bismillah Hirahama Niraheim Put Tabarka in front - read with both hands raised "Allahma Rabbana Atina Fidduniya Hasnatau and Phil finally Hasnatau Waqina Ajabanar 'or Allah Man who has read the Kalam, (and whatever this section is, it is from the life of Ma Nachiji Khakasar and who If I have read something wrong that has happened in the payment of his words, then you have forgiven me, and whatever has been read correctly, in your bargah, it will be accepted by our prophet. Kareem Sallallahu alaihi wasallam in the Bargah, Hadiyatan Nazrna Qubool Furma. After this, your Prophet Karim Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, and all the Prophets from Hazare Adam and Hazar Isha to Hazar Isha have a lot of fun and goodness After that, your blessings are with our grandfather Karl Sallallahu Alaihi Vassalam, and with the blessings of Astabe Kaf from Tufail and Vasile Deen Hazrate Khij and All the martyrs of Jange Badr, Jange Ahad, Jange Khudak, Jange Tabuk, Imam Hassan Imam Hussain Radi of Qubool Firm Nabi Karim Sallallahu Taala Alaihi Wasallam in the sanctuary of Sahabi; , Hazrat Akbar, Hazrat Ono Mohammed Muslim's Sahibzade and Musalim Hazrat Python and 42 Shaheed Karbale are presented in the Baroha of the people, Kubool Farma Nabi Karim Sallallahu Alahee Vassalam's Sadan Tufail and Vasile from Hazrat Zainul Abadin to All Rasul Imam and Hazrat Abu Hanifa Charo Masanko's Elderly 17 Seventeen 22 Khwaja Three and a half Kandars and their Piro Murshid's Bargah is near, Kubool Faraam and after that he has grown His ancestors Murshid and all the elders of the sequence have a profession close by, Hazrat Badiuddin (Madarul Alameen), his peasants Murshid, all of them The profession is close to the Bargah of the young people, Hazrat Khwaja Khwajaga Khwaja Moiuddin Chishti Sanjari and his peasants Murshid and all the Silsilas have their profession in the Bargahs, in Alam Islam where Qutb, Abdal, Kalandar, Mast Kalandar, Relaxing Profession is close, Qubool Farma. Bill feels happy. . . . . . . . . . . Bin. . . . . . . . . . . . Profession is close, Kubul Farma. . Note: - After Bill Khusus, take the name of the person whose fatiha. .
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