Ajabe tomb is right

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Ajabe tomb is right
Ajabe tomb is rightConsider how different there is in the death of a Mominant Nekukar and a Kafir defender, the tomb, the coming out of the soul, going up to the soul and the powers of Naja. Remember! Azabe is a grave title
Chunanche, Ummul Mo'aminin Hazrat Sayyidtuna Aisha Siddiqua asked the two crowners, Sultane Bahro Bar, of the Azzabe tomb, if you asked Irshad haqbah!
Ummul Mo'aminin Hazare Sayyidatuna Aisha Siddiqua  The statement states that after this I saw that my king, 'Sahib' in Sahibay, sought refuge from the tomb of every namaz.
 One of the Hadiths of Nez Bukhari Sharif is also worshiped in Pakistan.
Chunanche, Hajray Sayyiduna Abu Huraira marvi that the beloved Aaka  Yeh used to pray:
Ya'i A'i Allah Ta'ala I want your shelter from Azab tomb, Azab dozakh, life and death, and Christ Dajjal's.

Mufssire shaheer, Hkimul ummah, Mufti Ahmad Yar Khan Frmate: - These are places for training of all devotions ummah, or Ambiaa Kiram Ajhabe grave So what are safer than Hisabe grave.
In the same way, whoever comes under the guise of these, he gets safe from life and death.
Due to the name of Aap, people will get respect from the pages of Dajjal.
 Wherever Huzur  said that I ask for your refuge with a blossom, there is a refuge for the Ummah.
Just think that our mentor, Mustafa, himself, is safe from all kinds of personalities, but still we are seeking shelter from the grave grave and versatile fittens for the guilty and one is that we are going to enjoy the day and night. In spite of this, we are afraid of the rigors of death, not afraid of the grave of Azab, but we are becoming more and more reluctant in the matter of crimes. remember !
Warned there is no chance of his death

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